What to do in Perisher Valley if you are not a downhill skier.

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Not everyone loves to downhill ski even if the rest of the group or family loves it. You may be nursing an injury, simply need a rest day from skiing downhill, or just prefer other snowy activities. We get that, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 must-try activities to do in Perisher Valley for non-skiers. 

  1. **Sit by the fire with a good book.** At Kooloora Lodge, we have a cosy fire and a snug Flokati wool rug, perfect for unwinding with a best-selling novel or a non-fiction book about Perisher’s history or Australian wildlife. 
  2. **Go snowshoeing** in the picturesque Kosciuszko National Park. Wilderness Sports offers both snow shoes and guides to help you enjoy your peaceful, scenic stroll up a hill, along a ridge line, or through a valley.  Book through Wilderness Sports
  3. **Indulge in a special lunch** at the High Ground Coffee Bar. This hidden gem located under the Perisher Valley Manor offers homestyle food, amazing views, and a friendly team. They always have something special on the menu, perfect for pairing with a signature cocktail or a spiked hot chocolate.
  4. Try cross country skiing, this is a form of skiing where the skier relies on their own locomotion to move a cross snow-covered terrain, namely the Perisher Valley cross country track, rather than using ski lifts. Wilderness Sports offers a one and half hour skills intro pack. This is a great way to start to discover the freedom and wonder of Nordic skiing.  The tracks are groomed and well sign posted and there is a nordic day shelter where you can meet other like minded athletes.  Visit Wilderness Sports in the National Parks building at the Perisher car park to find out more.
  5. Visit Blue Cow. Catch the snow tube from Perisher train station to Blue Cow station. There is no charge for this. Take in the expansive views, meet the team for lunch or test out the Blue Cow Cafe hot chocolates.
  6. Explore the back country. Ever wondered what is beyond the resort? This is a great way to find out. Whether you are an alpine tourer, snow boarder or a telemark skier it does not matter as there are fresh tracks for everyone.  If you are not experienced best to take an expert with you in the form of a back country tour guide.  Give Wilderness Sports a call to organise the day trip phone 64562966.
  7. Watch the action on the Big Jump. Out the front of Jax Bar is the big snow jump usually open to anyone who dares. Lots of thrills and spills throughout the day to capture on your social or use up your oooohs and arrhs on.
  8. Treat yourself to a spa treatment. Check out the Mountain Spa in The Man From Snowy River Hotel. The stunning facility has been designed as a sanctuary of wellness.  You can choose from massages, facials and body treatments and even get your hair done. See Snowymountain spa
  9. Go over snow to Charlotte Pass. Charlotte Pass Snow Resort offer what is called a day tripper which gets you an all inclusive experience. It gives you a return over snow transport to Charlottes Pass. In winter the road is closed at Perisher Valley so the only way up the road other than walking or skiing the 10km is via over snow.  So this is quite a treat in itself. The price includes lunch and a guided snowshoe tour.  It’s a huge adventure and not to be missed.  Buy your tickets on the Charlotte Pass website
  10. Cross off a new Apres ski destination. Apres ski is that magical time around 430pm where the boots come off and the cocktails come out. We’ve found 11 destinations in the area for you to explore. Let us know which you like best.  Here is a link to the ebook Guide to Apres Ski in Perisher Valley

Frequently Asked Questions From Non-Skiers 

**Q: What are some recommended books to read while relaxing by the fire at Kooloora Lodge?**

A: Perisher Valley has a rich history and stunning wildlife, so consider picking up a local history book or an Australian wildlife guide. If you’re looking for fiction, Australian authors like Tim Winton or Liane Moriarty provide a great escape.
I also highly recommend Crackenback by Lee Christine, a thrilling tale of snow-bound crime and suspense set in the local area.

**Q: Can you provide more detail on what to expect during a guided snowshoe tour in Kosciuszko National Park?**

A: A guided snowshoe tour lets you explore the pristine winter landscapes of Kosciuszko National Park. Guides can lead you to the most scenic views, provide interesting facts about the local flora and fauna, and ensure your safety throughout the journey. If you’re lucky you might see some beautiful local parrots, an echidna or even a wombat! Most tours operate around Snowy Gum Forests and feature majestic granite boulders. Snowshoeing is not strenuous so only moderate fitness is required to enjoy the amazing experience.

**Q: What other dining options are available in Perisher Valley?**

A: Perisher Valley offers a variety of dining options to suit all tastes. From hearty pub meals at the Perisher Manor Hotel to fine dining at Snow Gums Restaurant, there’s something for everyone.

**Q: For beginners, what are some tips to get started with cross-country skiing?**

A: Cross-country skiing is a fun and accessible winter sport. Start with a lesson from a qualified instructor, dress in layers, and remember to pace yourself. It’s more about the journey than the destination!

**Q: How can I maximise my visit to Blue Cow, apart from dining and trying the hot chocolate?**

A: Blue Cow is not just about food and drink. You can also enjoy the breathtaking views, take a scenic walk, and catch the snow tube for free to enjoy the high-energy atmosphere and potentially catch a local band that play throughout the season.

**Q: How can I ensure safety while exploring the backcountry in Perisher Valley?**

A: Always go with a guide if you’re unfamiliar with the terrain. Take essential safety gear, including a map, compass, emergency beacon, first aid kit, headlamp, and adequate food and water. Always let someone know your plans before you head out.  It’s always a good idea to log your trip with National Parks before you leave.   The office is in the Perisher Car Park or in the town centre at Jindabyne.

**Q: Where are some good spots to watch or photograph the action at the Big Jump?**

A: The Big Jump is a main attraction for thrill seekers looking to test their skills by flying over 35 feet or higher in the air.  The area around Jax Bar offers a great vantage point for watching the Big Jump. For photographers, consider shooting from slightly below the jump to capture the full height and drama of the skier’s leap.

**Q: What are some other wellness options available in Perisher Valley, apart from the Mountain Spa?**

A: Apart from the Mountain Spa, you can also try yoga classes at the Snowy Mountains Yoga Retreat or enjoy a relaxing massage at the Spa & Wellness Centre at Lake Crackenback.

**Q: Can you give more details about the over-snow transport to Charlotte Pass? What can I expect from this journey?**

A: The over-snow transport to Charlotte Pass is a thrilling adventure in itself. You’ll traverse snow-covered landscapes that are inaccessible in winter, making it a unique way to experience the beauty of the Snowy Mountains.

**Q: What are some tips or etiquette to keep in mind when participating in Apres Ski events in Perisher Valley?**

A: When enjoying Apres Ski, remember to drink responsibly and respect the other patrons. It’s also a good idea to tip your servers and be mindful of noise levels, especially if live music is playing.  If you need a lift back to your lodge try 4site over snow at Perisher Valley.

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