5 Share Room at Kooloora Lodge Explained

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Five Share room Kooloora Lodge

When you are travelling to Perisher Valley it’s hard to know what to book. There are so many different room configurations, views and locations to choose from.

We’d love to welcome you at one of Perisher’s premier lodges so let us explain a 5 Share room at Kooloora Lodge, Perisher Valley to see if it suits your group of friends or family.

Location is important for a ski holiday. The nearer you are the more skiing you can do. Kooloora Lodge is close, just 800m from the ski area up the road that goes adjacent to The Man from Snowy River Hotel.  It is a luxury lodge newly upgraded during the summer and with a maximum of 32 guests each night you’ll really feel special.

Next question is the view.  It’s no use being in a prime location if you can’t see out. The 5 share rooms are on the first floor in the new section of the building.  They have a balcony and overlook the snowy mountain valley.  The view is so grand that in one of the rooms you can lie in bed and see the eight seater chairlift! That really helps you decide what clothes you’ll need for the day.

The room size is 33 square metres and is split in 2 with a long wardrobe dividing the room.  One side contains a king bed that can be split into 2 singles.  The other side a bunk bed and a single bed. The room is just perfect for 5 people to enjoy a snow getaway.

The five guests could be a family group, 5 friends, a boys trip or a girls trip. It’s designed as a snow lodge room for 5 guests.

Each 5 share room contains an ensuite bathroom with walk-in shower, sink and toilet.  There is another public toilet on the ground floor to access if one of your friends or family are showering.  It’s family friendly with a smart TV on the wall.

Included in your accomodation is a hot breakfast, afternoon tea or apri-ski and dinner cooked by our private chef and served in our licensed restaurant. Cocktails, beer, wines, gluwein and schnapps are available to purchase and enjoy.

There is a large lounge area to rest your legs with a glass of wine by the cosy fire after an epic day of adventures on the snow mountain.

The best value package is 5 day stay starting from Sunday or 7 day stay starting from Friday or Sunday.  Otherwise you can arrive any day with a minimum of 2 days.  Bookings are on our website www.koolooralodge.com.

Take a walk into a 5 share room to experience the feel of a ski chalet private room for your group or family. Click here.

10 Frequently asked questions.

1.What room do I choose if I have an infant?

If your infant is 2 or below you have an option for them to sleep in your own bed.  The cost for this is $35 per night. Children 3 and above need to be allocated one bed per child.

2. How do I get my family or group to Kooloora Lodge?

The easiest way is to park at Bullocks Flat and catch the snow tube to Perisher Station. Ski tube tickets and time table are available online. Click here 

For the light packers there is an option to catch the new Snowy Mountain Bus. There is a luggage limit to 1x20kg per person, which is required to be stated on your booking. Check it out here.

Another option is to get a snow shuttle.  They can pick you up at Canberra, Cooma or Jindabyne and bring you up to Perisher Station.  See here for options

Once at Perisher Station go to the over snow desk at the south end of the building and book your trip to Kooloora Lodge.  You will not need to pay for this, we have you covered as long as it is in line with your check in time of 330pm (or after 930am if you have booked early check in).

3. What room size do I choose for my family or friends?

Each member of your family or group is required to have a bed ( unless 2 or under see above). Count the group and then choose the room size accordingly.  There is absolutely no wriggle room here on arrival for more people than the room size!

4 How do I organise my group to book a room?

I love doing the organising but not everyone does, so best to choose a group leader.  The group leader then gets each member to commit to coming (usually by paying their share). Once you have confirmed numbers make the booking to correspond to the number of people.  Ask all members of the group to get travel insurance just in case something goes wrong. 

5. One member of my group is gluten free what do I do?

Let us know at least a week on ahead.  Our chef is experienced in cooking for people with allergies and intolerances but needs to know so we have the right ingredients here at the right time.  Send an email to [email protected]

6. In the 5 share room I’d like it configured as 3 singles and a bunk rather than king, single and bunk.

That’s easy but we need to know on ahead.  The rooms are configured with king beds unless you tell us. Let us know at least a week in advance so house keeping can have your room beautiful and ready when you arrive (there is a charge if house keeping needs to return after 330pm).

7. How do I get from Kooloora Lodge to the ski slopes and back?

It’s 800 metres to the ski slope. You can ski most of the way down or a relaxed 15 minute walk back. The other option is over snow transport. The over snow is run by 4site Aus. The morning skier pick up is 8.45am from Kooloora Lodge to Perisher Station is included in your room charge. Skiers must be waiting out the front of Kooloora Lodge prior to 8.45am as there is only one service.

The afternoon over snow skier drop off from Perisher to Kooloora Lodge between 330pm and 530pm are included in your room charge.

We make every reasonable effort to ensure this is available.  If you choose to use the pickup outside the daily schedule it is at your own cost.

8. What do I pack? Do I need to bring food and alcohol?

Our fully licensed restaurant will provide you with a hot breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner.  There is plenty of food so you do not need to bring food. Maybe an  option is to bring some pocket snacks for the ski slope.

We are fully licensed, do not bring alcohol.

Here is a link to our Ultimate Ski Holiday Packing List. Click here.

9. Can I build a snow man and play in the snow?

Yes for most of the winter season Kooloora Lodge is snow bound that means there is snow all around the lodge so you don’t need to go far to build your snow person and to make snow angels. 

10. How do I make a booking?

The best way is on our website www.koolooralodge.com book now button.

If you book on our Kooloora Lodge website we will be so grateful that we will give you a gift in the form of a gratitude basket.  Find out more here.


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