9 Tips For Booking Your Winter Holiday.

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  1. When to book? It’s difficult to pin down your family and friends to agree on a date but now is the time to do it before their diaries get too busy. Book before December 14th for early bird prices.
  2. How to book?. We have website to make the experience enjoyable and easy just click on the link for the booking window. We understand that it might be tricky for multiple groups so just give us a call 1300477025
  3. When do we arrive?  Check in time is 3.30pm onwards and check out time is before 9.30am.
  4. Where to rent your gear. Easiest place is Perisher Valley so that you don’t need to cart your stuff around.
  5. How to get here. Most people drive from their home and park in the Bullocks Flat Car Park. Otherwise snow buses drop you at Bullocks flat. Catch the snow tube to the Perisher Valley terminal and organise a lift on our arvo oversnow. If you want to fly Snowy Mountains Shuttles pick you up from the airport and drop you off at Perisher Valley.
  6. Where to buy ski tickets?  All tickets and lessons are only available on the Perisher Website. Buy early so you don’t miss out. Ski addicts normally buy Epic Passes so they can ski unlimited for the whole season.
  7. How do I get lunch? We provide you with hot breakfast, afternoon tea and a three course dinner.  You can purchase a lunch bag by ordering them  the day before.
  8. Get fit for the slopes with ski exercises. Think your exercise routine works for skiing? Think again. Squats, lunges, planks and push ups won’t cut it.  See Ski fitness expert Guillaume Tual explains here.
  9. What do I bring?  Check out The Ultimate Ski Holiday Packing List on our blog.

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