Perisher Valley
Australia's Best Snow Playground

Perisher Valley is Australia’s Best Snow Playground. With four resort areas and over 3000 acres of skiable terrain all of which interlink, you will definitely want to get around all of them. Whether you want to spend your days in Perisher Valley and then explore Blue Cow, or if you want to start at Smiggins and work your way to Guthega, we’ve got you sorted with everything from the best places to eat, where to get lessons or the best terrain to enjoy. Download the app and off you go.

Kooloora Lodge offers easy access to ski lifts, an on-site licensed restaurant and luxury lodge accommodation in Perisher Valley. Our rooms have direct access to the ski slopes, are equipped with heating, free Wi-Fi and each room has a private bathroom. After a long day on the slopes, curl up in our cozy guest lounge with a fireplace or play a board game before having a delicious meal prepared by our in-house chef.

The Ultimate Snow Holiday Experience

After a winter escape or snow adventure? Carve it out of the slopes and stay at Kooloora Lodge, located in the Perisher Valley. Conveniently located just 800 meters from the chairlifts, it is ideal for skiers, snowboarders and families looking for exclusive lodge-style accommodation. In addition to modern furniture, breakfast and dinner are prepared daily by the chef.

The lodge is located in Kosciuszko National Park, in the summer you can hike, bike, run or climb the highest mountain in Australia.

What's Included?

Kooloora Lodge is a fully licensed private lodge with an in house chef. We make it easy for you, book online, pack your gear (see packing list) and then travel to the lodge.

At the lodge you will receive:

  • Modern accomodation with ensuite
  • Option to prolong your holiday with early check in or late check out for an extra fee ($100)
  • Hot breakfast every morning of your stay
  • Afternoon tea
  • Three course delicious dinner. Dietary requirements catered for.
  • Fully licensed with choice of gluhwien, wine, beer and schnapps that can be purchased with afternoon tea & dinner
  • Fresh cotton linen and towels
  • Free Starlink WiFi
  • In room TV
  • Individual heat control in all rooms
  • Music system in living area
  • Delonghi expresso machine and lodge made herbal teas available all day for no extra charge.
  • Oversnow transport on arrival and departure
  • Daily over snow lift to ski field at 8.45am and back between 330pm and 430pm.
  • A selection of board games
  • Gratitude basket complementary when you book online on our website
  • A dedicated team of chef, host and chalet manager.

See Village eight from the lounge

A wonderful location for a winter getaway near the slopes! Being able to see the main lift from the lounge and easily gauge the weather is a definite plus. The proximity of Kooloora to the lifts, just 800 meters away, makes it very convenient for skiing or snowboarding. The fact that there are three pubs within walking distance adds to the social and dining options in the area.

Additionally, having essential amenities like the ski tube terminal, medical centre, supermarket, pharmacy, ATM, and a doctor nearby is great for ensuring a comfortable and stress-free stay. This kind of setup offers both the excitement of skiing and the convenience of having everything you need within reach. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or new to the slopes, this location seems to offer a well-rounded experience for a winter vacation.

Enjoy the fireworks right from the lodge adds another layer of fun and enjoyment to your stay. Fireworks against the snowy backdrop of a ski resort like Perisher Valley can create truly memorable moments. It’s an excellent opportunity to capture the beauty of the night sky and the festive atmosphere of the area. Whether you’re celebrating a specific occasion or simply embracing the joy of the winter season, watching fireworks from a cozy and comfortable lodge like Kooloora sounds like an enchanting experience.

Getting to Kooloora Lodge

Kooloora lodge has a convenient and well-organized transportation setup for guests. Here’s a summarized step-by-step guide for reaching Kooloora Lodge:

1. Drive to Bullocks Flat:
The drive from Sydney to Bullocks Flat takes approximately 5 hours. This is the closest point accessible by road to Perisher Valley for overnight parking.

2. Park at Bullocks Flat:
Once you reach Bullocks Flat, you can park your vehicle there. This is the starting point for the Skitube Alpine Railway.

3. Take the Skitube to Perisher:
From Bullocks Flat, you’ll take the Skitube Alpine Railway to Perisher Valley. The Skitube is a train that transports you directly to the ski fields.

4. Arrive at Perisher Station:
Upon reaching Perisher Station via the Skitube, you’ve arrived at the heart of Perisher Valley.

5. Use the Complementary Shuttle to Kooloora Lodge:
Head upstairs at Perisher Station to the Oversnow area. Here, you can catch a complementary shuttle service that will take you to Kooloora Lodge.

6. Transfers Included:
It’s great to know that all rates at Kooloora Lodge include transfers on both arrival and departure. This adds to the convenience and value of your stay.

Overall, this travel arrangement seems to provide a smooth and hassle-free journey for guests looking to reach Kooloora Lodge in Perisher Valley. It takes advantage of both road and rail transportation to ensure you can easily enjoy your winter getaway.

Ski Tube Timetable 

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Wine and Dine with Us.

It’s clear that Kooloora Lodge is dedicated to providing a seamless and enjoyable ski holiday experience for its guests. The inclusion of an on-site licensed restaurant and complimentary meals throughout the day is a fantastic offering. Here’s a recap of the benefits:

1. Convenient Dining:
The on-site licensed restaurant means you don’t have to leave the lodge premises to enjoy meals. This convenience is especially valuable after a day of skiing when you might prefer to relax on-site.

2. Full Breakfast:
Starting the day with a hearty breakfast is essential for energy and stamina on the slopes. Kooloora Lodge ensures you’re well-fed in the morning to kickstart your adventures.

3. Recharge with Meals:
After a day of skiing, coming back to the lodge for a delicious meal provides an opportunity to refuel and rejuvenate. This is essential for recovering energy and preparing for the next day’s activities.

4. Included in Accommodation Package:
The fact that breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner are included in your accommodation package adds significant value. It simplifies your trip planning and budgeting, making the overall experience more enjoyable.

5. Maximize Ski Time:
By offering meals on-site, Kooloora Lodge allows you to make the most of your time on the slopes. You don’t have to spend additional time searching for restaurants or preparing your own meals.

6. Social and Relaxing Atmosphere:
Dining at the lodge’s restaurant can foster a sense of community among guests. It’s a chance to share stories, make friends, and enjoy a social atmosphere.

7. No Stress Dining:
You won’t have to worry about finding a place to eat, making reservations, or dealing with the logistics of dining out. Everything you need is right at the lodge.

In summary, Kooloora Lodge’s focus on providing hassle-free dining experiences through its on-site licensed restaurant and inclusive meal packages truly enhances the overall ski holiday. It’s a great way to enjoy both the skiing and the downtime without any unnecessary stress.


Why Choose Kooloora this Winter?

Stunning Interior Design

Accessable luxury at Perisher Valley.

Convenient Location

800 metres for the lifts means you can sleep in and still be early.

Minutes from the Slope

No sitting in traffic jams from Jindabyne.

In House Restaurant

Enjoy breakfast and dinner with us during your stay.

Early Bird Bookings

Make your booking before December 14th for a discount on your ski holiday stay for the next year.

Family owned and Operated

You’ll meet the owners during your stay

Get In Touch

We are available 24/7 by e-mail and phone. You can also ask a question about our services through our contract form that we regularly provide.


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  • Bike Tours
  • Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • Towels
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Room Amenities
  • Towels
  • Toilet Paper
Media and Technology
  • Bike Tours
Foot & Drink
  • Bike Tours
  • Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • Bike Tours

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